Monica "Mo" Hughes


I got into photography when my husband and his friend started their basketball organization, Bigger Than Basketball. I got a Nikon to take photos for the teams and loved every minute of it. Then BOOM! I'm taking photos for my friends and family. Next up, you!

ps. S/O Jill for hyping me up and believing in me <3 you

Meet Mo

I'm an educator with a Bachelor's from Augustana College and a Master's from DePaul University in Educational Leadership. When I'm not working, I enjoy listening to the Breakfast Club podcast, drinking Starbucks, spending money, working on my photog skills, and spending time with my little fam.

XO-MO = Love Mo

XO-MO is my signature and it simply means Love Mo. I want to capture love. Whether it's self love, couples or families. We can choose the vibe and I'll capture your love.